GameDAO Becomes New Main Team Partner of SPARX Secret

SPARX ESPORTS is excited to enter into a key partnership with GameDAO, a community-owned governance platform for gaming guilds, esports teams, gamers and video game creators. GameDAO will be sponsoring the new, up-and-coming female Valorant team “SPARX Secret” as main team partner and their logo will appear on the front of the female’s team jersey to represent this exciting collaboration.

This partnership underpins our continuous drive for innovation and is a further step towards the innovation strategy of this organization - to embrace and integrate AR/VR and new technologies. We believe these new technologies will play a key role in the future of esports and the gaming related entertainment industry.

We look forward to working with GameDAO to g our game to the next level!

About GameDAO

GameDAO is a collaborative crowdfunding and co-ordination platform for video game developers, gamers and gaming organisations. GameDAO will support game creators and organisations—including esports teams—by building new and more sustainable business models by leveraging the power of community. Community-driven ownership and creation will be a vital part of the video game industry in the near future where all key contributors can participate and own parts of it together, and GameDAO’s hope is to spearhead the gaming industry into the community-focused future.





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